A Fleet Owner and WardsAuto Intelligence Report on ELD regulation and its impact on commercial vehicle operations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) first began its efforts to formulate a regulation mandating the use of automated driver hours of service logging devices in 1988—nearly 30 years ago. Nobody said it would be an easy process, but few imagined just how protracted an exercise it would turn out to be. Now, the compliance deadline is almost here.

The consensus is that ELDs will indeed help to improve highway safety. After all, nine of FMCSA’s top twenty driver violations are directly tied to hours of service and logging.  There will be other effects on the trucking industry, however, and other issues to address both in the shorter- and longer-term.

In this landmark business intelligence report, we explore in great depth:

  • The risks for fleets depending upon the self-certification process for ELDs
  • An insider view of how Fleet Owner readers are preparing for ELD compliance –or not
  • Why last-minute ELD buyers may find themselves out-of-time and out-of-service come December
  • The potential for freight capacity shortages over the next few months
  • How ELDs may reduce productivity in the early days, but boost it over time
  • The challenges of special ELD exemptions for fleets, law enforcement and ELD suppliers
  • How ELDs and related fleet management technologies are helping to create transparent supply chains and what that may mean going forward
  • How trucking technologies have triggered an investment rush with the potential to disrupt and recreate “business as usual” for the trucking industry

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