Jan de Rijk implements Transmetrics’ predictive assets optimization software

The Dutch logistics service provider will use the software to optimize its assets strategy and reach higher levels of operational efficiency. Transmetrics, a supplier of an AI predictive [...]

Volvo Trucks expands remote programming for over-the-air software and parameter updates

Users can perform updates anywhere in the U.S. and Canada where a cellular connection is available, and at the discretion of the vehicle’s decision maker. All Volvo truck owners in the U.S. and [...]

Uptake’s AI-driven asset monitoring targets maintenance, downtime

Next-gen AI-enabled asset performance management product is designed to help fleets reduce repair, fuel, and key areas of maintenance costs while improving driver safety. Artificial intelligence [...]

Laura McMillan: A passion for teaching others

Instructional Technologies VP of training development has gone from one male-dominated business to another. Laura McMillan began her career in a different industry. Still, she said, even as a [...]

The drones are coming

Unmanned aircraft can help with package deliveries, yard and depot surveillance, traffic management, and more. How are drones being used and tested today, and what does it mean for delivery [...]

Understanding how blockchain works

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed digital ledger that cannot be altered retroactively. It could change the transportation industry. Lately there is been a great deal of media buzz around [...]

Electric MD trucks could change the delivery game

NACFE’s second guidance report on electric trucks finds many unknowns — and opportunities for EVs in the freight world. Medium-duty electric-powered trucks are a solution to help improve [...]

Renee Krug: Helping lead a company with vision

GlobalTranz CFO has seen more and more women entering the industry, either in leadership roles or as drivers. Renee Krug recently won the fourth annual 2018 Women In Trucking Association’s [...]

Not using fleet-workforce management? Here’s how much you lose

You often hear that the various modules and tools within fleet and workforce management systems are beneficial. Verizon Connect is now looking to pinpoint what it means to a business’ [...]

Heather Tomley: Finding optimal clean air solutions

The Port of Long Beach director of environmental planning is moving toward a zero-emissions future. From Heather Tomley’s perspective, the challenge to success in environmental programs in the [...]