How to cash in on ELDs

Electronic logging devices can save fleets money and pay for themselves, if used correctly. David Carruth will tell you that when he switched his 55-truck LTL fleet over to electronic logs back [...]

Convergence of technologies will transform transportation

Michigan’s governor believes automation will eventually eliminate truck driver jobs. WASHINGTON D.C. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) believes the transportation of people and goods both stand [...]

Survey: TMS becoming ‘must have’ technology in the freight market

About 91% of motor carriers operating 20 trucks or more use TMS today, up from 62% in 2005. A survey conducted by InMotion Global, Inc., finds that transportation management system (TMS) software [...]

VTNA: Demand for flexible truck specs and connectivity keep growing

The need for more “flexible specs” and more connected systems within commercial trucks are becoming key demands among fleet customers, according to Bruce Kurtt, senior vice president of sales [...]

The future of transportation is here and more is to follow

An engaging talk by James Ray highlights that many long-sought after transportation capabilities are now every-day realities. Despite all the gnashing to teeth over the electronic logging device [...]

Why technology is being deployed to change trucking

Improving efficiency and profitability is only part of it; making the freight industry more human-friendly is the other goal. You’d be forgiven for thinking the rapid imposition of electronic [...]

Electrified trucks are just the beginning

New head of Mitsubishi Fuso sees multiple trends changing the very nature of the commercial truck business. The way Justin Palmer sees it, the much-ballyhooed introduction of the Tesla’s [...]