Volvo trucks and cars will alert each other in traffic

Connected Safety was developed to send out alerts to nearby vehicles connected to the service whenever a driver activates the vehicle’s hazard warning lights. Volvo Trucks is introducing a [...]

Custom design and spec new Volvo Trucks with online configurator

New online tool allows potential buyers to create more than 4,000 custom versions of new Volvo trucks that can be delivered to local dealers for purchase. Volvo Trucks is bringing the thousands [...]

SmartDrive uses data to address truck driver shortage

In an effort to combat the shortage of commercial drivers, one safety and transportation intelligence company released a program targeting driver performance and satisfaction. SmartDrive [...]

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect’s compliance management software keeps pace with changing government regulations and gives you peace of mind that your fleet is operating safely and lawfully. It makes monitoring [...]

Zonar Logs

Zonar LogsTM, one of the only ELD solutions on the market to complete FMCSA end-to-end testing, be independently third-party validated by industry veteran Annette Sandberg, [...]