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The Dutch logistics service provider will use the software to optimize its assets strategy and reach higher levels of operational efficiency.

Transmetrics, a supplier of an AI predictive optimization solutions for the cargo transport industry, has collaborated with a European logistics service provider, Jan de Rijk. This collaboration follows the company’s recent announcement of its joint project with NileDutch thus furthering Transmetrics digital influence in the European logistics industry.

Jan de Rijk, a member of the logistics industry, was the first to give life to the Quintiq real-time planning tool. Now, it’s making headway in the industry again by implementing Transmetrics’ next-generation predictive optimization software. With the company’s predictive assets management product AssetMetrics, Jan de Rijk will be able to reach higher levels of operational efficiency and provide an even more reliable service to its customers.

AssetMetrics is a system that provides its users with strategies for optimal empty assets repositioning, assets storage, resupply and maintenance, while helping them maintain high levels of customer service. This is achieved by applying modern technologies such as AI, advanced forecasting, data mining and optimization algorithms.

“By implementing Transmetrics’ product we hope to get a very detailed prediction of the demand for our transport fleet, which will allow us to reposition our assets to where they are most needed, cut the number of kilometers driven, and maximize the use of drivers’ time,” said Jan de Rijk’s sales and business development executive, Juma Al Maskari. “We also hope to be able to know in advance how much extra capacity we need to book through the use of third party fleets in times of need, in order to meet the peak demand.”

The product is packed into a 3-step module, consisting of data cleansing and enrichment, forecasting, and predictive optimization. AssetMetrics thus enables cargo companies to make proactive and data-driven decisions by anticipating upcoming demand, weeks in advance, and creating transparency in their daily operations.

“For Transmetrics, the project with Jan De Rijk is strategically important as they are willing to invest and explore with us an opportunity of adding more external factors to our existing forecasting model. We are very happy and honored to do this project together and looking forward to the first results,” added Anna Shaposhnikova, Transmetrics’ chief commercial officer and co-founder.

The global logistics industry is set to value at $15.5 trillion by 2023, and the ever increasing levels of international trade mean it shows no sign of abating. Data analytics and digitalization have the power to transform the logistics sector, and Transmetrics remain at the forefront of this revolution, bringing the quality of the data-driven decisions to the whole new level.