Next dimensions of routing: Informing the process

Beyond Point A to Point B and even adjusting for situations in real time, fleets can factor in data of all kinds in their commercial routing systems to make the process smarter and more adaptive. [...]

Electrify, automate, connect the future for Bosch

With truck products already accounting for one-quarter of its sales, the component supplier plans to accelerate CV growth by expanding into connected services. HANNOVER, Germany.  With [...]

Lots of fleets are on the fuel efficiency band wagon, we have proof

Three sources showed a similar 2% gain in fuel economy to the NACFE fleets even though there were some differences in the makeup of the groups that were surveyed. In a recent blog post, I shared [...]

Ahead of IAA, Daimler shows the future is drawing closer

New features on European models likely to reach North America soon. HANOVER, Germany. In the summer of 2014, Daimler Trucks unveiled Future Truck 2025, which in many ways ushered in a new era of [...]

CARB awards Port of LA $41 million to launch zero-emissions freight project

The Zero and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities project — proposed with support from Toyota, Kenworth, and Shell — provides a large-scale “shore to store” plan and a hydrogen [...]

Next dimensions of routing: The imperative

Truck routing—and quite possibly advanced-level use and systems—have become a must for your fleet. You’re spending too much or are leaving money on the table. For almost any trucking [...]

Preventing distracted driving in a connected world

Helping your drivers understand the root causes of distracted driving, encouraging best practices, and using technology to implement training and reinforce corrective actions can significantly [...]

Trimble: Driver turnover, converging freight trends challenge fleets

HOUSTON. It’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and Trimble Transportation Mobility President Thomas Fansler had some broader praise for trucking, which he called “North America’s [...]

Meet Volvo’s ‘radically different’ electric self-driving tractor system, Vera

Volvo Trucks has unveiled an all-electric, fully autonomous tractor of sorts designed for specific applications to help address freight and driver challenges. There’s no cab at all, like [...]

Technology helps fleets prepare and weather hurricanes

Apps such as WEX Connect can help stop fuel price gauging, keep fleets safer and direct emergency responders to where they need to be after the storm. With Hurricane Florence expected to make [...]

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