New Android-powered PeopleNet display designed for rigors of trucking

The PD.5 gives customers the option to implement a ruggedized display that enables them to comply with the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate as well as leverage other applications such as [...]

Isolating profit-wasters

When you’re big enough to be a large midsize truckload carrier but small enough to still know and treat customers personally, keeping up with the truly “big guys” is a challenge [...]

Bias is everywhere in our industry

While we all would like to think that the decisions we make on what to invest in are based purely on facts and logic the reality is there are some inherent biases that play a role in whether we [...]

Horton shows off its present and teases its future

CEO: “We do one general thing very, very well… You won’t see Horton getting distracted by technologies and other areas and try to be a shop that does so many different things [...]

Sixty bucks or less that can make you safer behind the wheel

In extended road use, Fleet Owner tests out Eagle Eyes’ night-driving glasses to see if their claimed benefits hold up. Let me start by saying I disagree with Eagle Eyes about the use of [...]

New online pricing, specs app for vehicles, equipment covers just about everything

Fleet purchasers and finance professionals, insurers, dealers and others who need access to vehicle and equipment values have an effectively all-inclusive new tool available: Price Digests’ [...]

Halvor Lines finds success with Netradyne Driveri

Company leaders at Halvor Lines cited several factors in their decision to choose Netradyne Driveri including their driver’s driving experience, speed and timeliness of the delivery of meaningful [...]

Platooning still held back by outdated state laws, report says

Nine states have passed laws already in 2018, a sign the technology could be gaining momentum A new report found that the promise of automated vehicle technologies such as platooning are not [...]

What does more mileage really mean for vehicle life?

Theoretically, a vehicle that has covered more miles has more wear and tear, but a truck that’s been driven less can easily be in worse shape than one that’s been driven more. When it comes to [...]

Uber Freight makes reefer app upgrades

App now includes information on temperature ranges and other reefer-specific needs to match carriers with shippers. Florida farms shipped almost 80 million boxes of citrus fruit during the last [...]

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