How can you speed a roadside inspection? Know your ELDs

“We want to get it done just as fast as you do, but we do have a process we have to go through. If you know how to operate the device … the inspection will go smoother for everybody.” – Abe [...]

Drivewyze bypass offered at five new Idaho locations

The Idaho Transportation Department opened five new Drivewyze bypass service locations on Interstates 15 and 90 and Highway 95. The state now has Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass at seven [...]

New McLeod Software incorporates permissioned blockchains

McLeod is looking to update its automated business software with blockchain technology. The company recently announced its move to allow smart contract design in collaboration with permissioned [...]

Blockchain continues to gain momentum in trucking

Blockchain technology is said to streamline payment transactions – and possibly eliminate the middleman – in trucking. We’ve also heard that early adopters of blockchain will have an advantage [...]

New partnership delivers tracking solutions for fleets

Honeywell and AT&T are partnering to offer fleets methods to improve reliability, productivity and evaluate performance, the companies recently announced. The two will use Internet of Things [...]

TCompanies unveils new PEIR app

New app helps streamline costs and responsibility for damaged shipping containers and trailers. TCompanies, developer of PEIR (Photographic Equipment Interchange Receipt), a new app that helps [...]

‘End of duty’ for ONE20’s ELD operations

ONE20 just announced that its apps, including its F-ELD solution, will cease operations as of June 18. According to the company, ONE20 Inc. was launched in 2015 “as a way for drivers to get [...]

Ryder’s new app takes fleet management mobile

Along with adding enhancements for Ryder customers such as scheduling maintenance from a phone in seconds, RyderGyde also can help non-customers find best gas prices and rent vehicles. Ryder [...]

McLeod updates LoadMaster Enterprise, PowerBroker

McLeod Software has released Version 18.1 of its flagship products, LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker. New capabilities and functionality have been added to McLeod Software’s solutions for [...]

Should you make VR part of your training efforts?

One of the benefits of VR is that it allows a person to make mistakes without consequences. Driver training is one place where VR might be useful. Another is technician training. Virtual reality [...]

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