Digital diagnostics: A trucking ‘best-kept’ secret

The job of truck technician today just might be the perfect modern vocational/trade position. A high school grad can get certified for it faster than a four-year college degree would take, so [...]

How e-invoicing saves time and money

Given all the technology that is available today, it is mind-boggling that there are still companies sending out invoices in paper form. Yet survey after survey shows that many businesses still [...]

Uber Freight Plus goes live

New program offers fuel card through Comdata and maintenance discounts from Navistar. Uber Freight is launching a new program this week called Uber Freight Plus that aims to “tangibly lower [...]

Successful maintenance and repair takes more than just technology

I’ve been thinking about technology a lot lately. It’s hard not to when it seems like every day there is something in the news about telematics, autonomous trucks, electric trucks, the internet [...]

Let the ale flow for St. Patrick’s — and it’s the trucks that get it there

A surge of beer and wine delivery runs takes place to provide merriment for St. Patrick’s Day. If the beverage trucks don’t ship, the green-dyed beer would get no sips; untended bars [...]

Making the business case for drone delivery

With some “ooh and ah” factor tech-wise but often looking more like a gimmick in the real world, is there a use for drones in package delivery that saves fleets time and money? Over [...]

FMCSA issues new ELD waiver for ag haulers, offers additional enforcement insight

Republican congressman says one-year delay should be included in upcoming omnibus legislation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced a new waiver from the electronic logging [...]

More anti-collision tech needed, NTSB says in drug-tinged illegal operation crash

Agency says collision-avoidance technology could have helped in semi-truck, SUV wreck that killed six, injured five In a release issued Wednesday afternoon, the National Transportation Safety [...]

The eyes have it! Seeing is believing

Normally we ask a crowd to vote with “ayes” and “nays.” Often, we want the “ayes” to win, such as when we ask for all those in favor of a proposition or for approving the minutes of the last [...]

Haven offering automated auditing for freight documents

Software provider says they’ll help streamline the freight payment process for shippers. Software company Haven, Inc., is introducing two new features that automate freight documents – one that [...]